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I would like to know the usual dishes served, do you have a menu for me to view?

We do not serve beef and mutton dishes in our menu and it changes every week, you may view our weekly menu

What is the price of your Home Meal Delivery Service?

  • 20 Days Contract – $225 (w/GST $240.75) for 2 servings
  • 10 Days Trial Contract – $121 (w/GST $129.47) for 2 servings

Will I be having the same dishes if I am to order for both lunch and dinner?


If I do not want to have soup, can I change it to a dish?

Yes, we have 2 options available for 20 Days contract.

  • 3 Dishes + 1 Soup
  • 4 Dishes

Is rice provided?

No, steamed rice is not provided.

How much will it be if I want rice?

White Rice

  • $12 (w/GST $12.84) per serving for 20 Days Contract
  • $6 (w/GST $6.42) per serving for 10 Days Trial Contract

Brown Rice

  • $20 (w/GST $21.40) per serving for 20 Days Contract
  • $10 (w/GST $10.70) per serving for 10 Days Contract

Do I have to provide my own containers for the food?

No, there are 2 container options available to contain the food for delivery.

  • Tiffin carrier (2 Sets) – Loan to customer
  • Microwavable container – $15 (w/GST $16.05) surcharge per month

Do I need to return the tiffin carriers on the next day?

Yes, do wash and dry the tiffin carriers prior to the collection.

What if I forgotten to wash the tiffin carriers?

Surcharge of $15 (w/GST $16.05) will be levied for replacement of dirty tiffin carriers with microwavable containers.

What happens if the tiffin carrier is damaged?

Surcharge of $20 – $50 (w/GST $21.40 – $53.50) per set will be levied.


When is the latest time to place and confirm my order?

We will need 2 working days in advanced notice to confirm and collect payment for your order.

When should I make payment?

  • First time or trial meal customers are to make payment via credit card before the first day of service
  • Payment must be made before the commencement of Contract period. Customer who have Contract auto renewal is to make payment 3 days prior to the new Contract period

How can I make payment?

  • Cheque – To be crossed and made payable to SAVOURY CATERING PTE LTD
  • Container number and address is to be written at the reverse side of cheque
  • Put in an envelope placing in top compartment of tiffin carrier
  • Cash – Handover to our delivery man directly
  • Credit card – Call in or fill up credit card authorisation form


What does condominium surcharge mean?

There are two options available for condominium delivery location. Customer can choose to have their meals delivered to their unit with additional surcharge of $20 or to the guard house at no additional cost. However, prearranged agreement must be made by the customer between their condominium management to ensure smooth transition.

What is the delivery timing?

  • Lunch Delivery – 0930hrs to 1230hrs
  • Dinner Delivery – 1500hrs to 1900hrs

*Specific delivery time will not be available

Is your Home Meal Delivery Service island-wide?

No, we only deliver to selected area. For more details please call 6315 0820.

Is this service available every day?

No, home meal delivery service is only available on weekdays. We do not deliver on weekends, Public Holidays, Christmas Eve, New Year Eve, 1 day before Lunar New Year Eve and Lunar New Year Eve.


What should I do if I shift house (change of address) in the midst of the Contract period?

Call us at 6315 0820 to inform on the change of address. We will process the changes within 2 working days.

Do I have to call in every month to renew my Contract?

No, 20 Days Contract is on auto renewal basis unless customer call in to inform us 2 days before contract period ends.

What if I had forgotten to call to terminate my Contract and it had been auto renewed?

  • Tiffin carrier collection will be chargeable at $3.00 (w/GST $3.21) per trip
  • Food delivered will be chargeable at $8.00 (w/GST $8.56) per serving per day
  • Rice delivered will be chargeable at $1.00 (w/GST $1.07) per serving per day

Is the 10 Days Trial Contract on auto renewal basis?

No, 10 Days Trial Contract will expire immediately upon completing the 10 consecutive day delivery. Customer will have to call in to start new contract.

Will there be any cash refund if I want to cancel or terminate my Contract?

No cash refund will be given for early cancellation, termination of contract when service had commenced or after payment for the contract was made.

Will there be any cash refund if I skipped my meal?

No cash will be refunded. For 20 Days Contract, skipped meal will be replaced if customer had called in to inform 1 working day in advanced before 4pm.
(Note: Only 20 Days (5 Days Per Week) contracts are entitled for skipped meal replacements)

What if a Public Holiday falls on a weekday within my Contract period?

Meal will be replaced on the following weekday after the Contract period.


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